Farmer Antipasto platter


Antipasto in Italian means “against the meal”, traditionally antipasto is designed to have at the beginning of your meal in order to set you up to the followings, however our platters are big enough for you to enjoy it as full meal.

Our Antipasto is designed to create a balanced experience between cured meat, cheeses, pickles and jam/chutney to complement.

Antipasto platter Small
Antipasto platter Medium
Antipasto platter Large


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  1. Hi im just wondering what your prices are per platter??
    Also how many people do they feed, as a cocktail..
    Cheers Tammie

    1. Hello Tammie.

      Thank you for your questions.
      Our Antipasto Platters are designed to be share between 2 to 6 people however depends if you want some nibbles or something more.
      Pricing goes by size:
      Small $20 1 person
      Medium $40 2/3 people
      Large $60 4/6 people
      I hope to have been enough informative.

      Simone Berliat
      Manager Oxenberry Farm

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