N.V. The Right Nut 20 Year Old Liqueur Muscat

McLaren Vale – 100% Muscat of Alexandria


A blend of five different grapes from the Muscat family, this old muscat has been carefully blended from wines sourced from a number of dusty old barrels tucked away in a quiet corner of the winery, for twenty years or more. It’s the culmination of many years of patient winemaking efforts, resulting in a deliciously rich and smooth wine.



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N.V. The Right Nut 20 Year Old Liqueur Muscat



Early settlers of McLaren Vale were quick to identify the region’s Mediterranean climate as being perfect for grape-growing and the production of high quality nuts. Almonds were soon found to be ideally suited and became ‘the right nut’ for the region. To this day, the annual Almond Blossom Festival is celebrated in the region every August.


Makes a fine partner to high quality chocolates, various desserts, and nuts…


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